I'm so excited to finally be able to photograph little Evie this past weekend. This was her first photo shoot ever which makes it even more special. And we did a pink rose milk bath photo shoot for her. No joke! She is the cutest little 10 month old!

We planned this session 4 months ago but we had to wait a while, but the wait was so worth it! It was a beautiful sunny day and in the 90s. Right! I did not expect summer to be here already but also it doesn't surprise me because we are in East Texas weather. ;)

The minute Evie went into the water, she was so happy! She loved the warm milk and she was mesmerized by all the roses around her. She even stood up for me. She was curious about everything, she touched the grass outside the tub and she kept sticking her tongue out which was the cutest thing to watch. It was so easy to photograph her because she wouldn't take her eyes off of the camera. Alright - no more waiting, I will let you check out this adorable girl with her first pink rose milk bath photo shoot.