Meet Matthew, Class of 2020 Longview High School senior! I have to say going into the session I was such a nervous wreck because this was my first senior session this year. Well, as soon as I met with Matthew, everything was at ease. This session turned out to be nothing but a breeze. Matthew is kind, athletic, laid back, funny,and also good looking! I feel like we were just friends and hanging out together. I honestly forgot about time because I was just having so much fun. He was a natural in front of the camera and his poses just flowed smoothly and genuinely. We took a lot of time at the Longview High School Tennis Courts because he loves tennis and this place was basically his second home. It was the perfect theme and can we all agree that the Lobo's Letterman jacket looked so good on him! ;) After the Lobo's tennis court, we still managed to hit a park and downtown Longview. It was a perfect day and a perfect tennis themed senior session. I had a blast with Matthew! I hope you are just as excited as me to see these photos.