Congratulation to Michaela, Eric and Noelle to welcome Baby Miles into their home! As a newborn and family photographer, I love when I have the opportunity to document these early days as everyone in the family gets to know its newest member. It was an amazing experience to meet this family in Tyler, Texas and to document this meaningful, joyful and an emotional time of their life.

Eric and Michaela are a beautiful couple and sweet parents to Noelle and baby Miles. They are gentle, loving, and patient with each of them. Welcoming a new baby brother can sometimes be daunting for older siblings, but not for Noelle! It was so sweet to watch Noelle interacting with baby Miles. She is so gentle and loving. She loves to snuggle with Miles, touch his feet and laugh about any silly face that Miles was making!

Part of why I love in-home newborn sessions is that I get to document them where all the memories are made. It just make those photos that much more meaningful and Plus, I love their home! Eric had renovated it himself. The neutral light walls, modern furnitures, with lots of natural light. It was beautiful, clean, bright and cozy home.

Who said you have to have studio newborn portraits in a studio, we did some gently posed studio style newborn photographs right by one of their living room window. I was able to recreate a white backdrop(curtains) and lighting(sunlight) in their home. This gave us the perfect way to capture every aspect of the newborn phase, combining candid lifestyle images with gently posed newborn photographs. Miles only slept for a few minutes in between feeding, but we didn't mind one bit because we got to see his beautiful eyes. He was such an calm baby.

I'm so glad to got to meet this darling family and document their new journey as a family of 4!