This week I did something really fun! It was not a regular family session that you would expect, but it was so unique and I had a blast!

Alright, no more beating around the bush, I did a session that's a day in the life of the Somers family. The Somers have three adorable little girls from ages 4 to 1. You will not disagree with me that there's never a dull moment in their household, but they embrace this messy, busy, fun life they have. You can tell their home is full of love just by all the decorations. The girls had an adorable custom made farm-house bed and crystal chandelier! Isn't that just every girl's dream!

Brittni (mom) wanted to capture how fun they are as a family. She didn't worry whether they smiled at the camera, but hoped to capture specific moments of them playing, laughing and making memories. So she did something very unique and fun! They love to prank each other, so she had two different pranks set up to get Seth (dad) during our photoshoot.

While I was taking pictures of Seth with their baby girl, Brittni and the older girls snuck up behind him with whip cream in their hands. Seth caught them sneaking up and tried to duck out of the way. But the girls were too quick for him! His facial expressions were priceless! It was a hilarious moment captured on camera.

Then we took pictures outside. Seth thought for sure no more surprises, but he was wrong! As soon as he walked outside, the girls started throwing water balloons at him! They had so much fun throwing water balloons at each other, but you will have to see their faces when Seth accidentally threw the water ballon at me.

To say that I had such a fun time during this photo shoot was an understatement. I loved their energy and their personalities. It was a pleasure to be able capture those fun, unique, and authentic moments for this family!