Yesterday me and my best friend went on a zoo trip together. It was such a fun trip and a needed trip. This is what we do when our husbands are too busy working! haha We fit everybody in one car. 4 car seats plus two strollers and I drove us all to the Tyler Caldwell zoo. I can't brag about my driving skills because I got a little too excited chatting that I missed a turn on the way there, but I did made it there and back safely. ;)

The best part about this trip was watching my kiddos enjoying the zoo. Lexi loved the giraffes, but she definitely didn't want to get too close. Blake was brave, he got real close and even threw the giraffes some lettuce. The biggest hit was a little unexpected. It was the buffaloes. While we were watching the buffaloes, one of the buffaloes started pooping. The kids just couldn't stop laughing at it. I'm pretty sure that's all they remembered from the rest of this whole trip.

It was a great break from daily repeats to go to the zoo. It was exhausting but so fun. We will do little trip like this more often!

Kids were excited about the giraffes. Lexi was practicing social distancing with the giraffes.

This is a sweet one. Our boys are best friends. They held hands walked through the entire zoo together. Sweetest innocent friendship!

The buffaloes started pooping. They just lost it! lol

always a blast together!